1. Membership of this Association is open to all culinary experts and persons who believe in the aims and objectives of this Association.

2. Chefs, Student Chefs, Cooks, Caterers, Hotel & restaurant Operators, Purveyors of food, Food processors and Manufacturers.


1. Members benefit from discounted trainings, conferences, seminars and food related workshops.
2. Members become part of a network base for industry specific collaborations with renowned chefs, international hotel brands food service providers.
3. Members are considered priority participants and attendees at Industry related events.
4. Members are given the opportunity to be mentored and guided through their career paths by older and established chefs.
5. Members are on a database for recruitment, positioning and visibility for job placements or direct sale of goods and services.
6. Members have access to learning and discussion forums for continuous education.
7. Members have access to international exposure from events organised by the Association.
8. Members get involved in community of local, regional and international social responsibility through the associations social responsibility projects.
9. Members get direct access to latest trends in the industry via learning platforms.
10. Members have a platform to showcase and express themselves through Culinary Arts.


Associate Members 0-6 Years in the Food & Beverage Industry. N10, 000 Membership fees
Full Members- 6 Years and above in the Food & beverage Industry- N20, 000 Annual Membership Fees.
Honorary Members- Discretionary membership ascribed by the Board of Trustees to Industry veterans and Influencers.