Patricia Lyons

Chef Instructor


Chef Patricia was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She was inspired by her grandmother's home cooked meals to prepare food and try new things. She grew a fascination for commercial kitchens and decided to pursue the career as a Chef at the age of 14. Graduating from Johnson & Wales University with her Bachelor's Degree in Food service health and wellness management, she was able to overcome health issues. In just under 2 years she was able to cook her way to a healthier lifestyle. Her passion is traveling and cooking in various places around the United states; New York City, Baltimore, and Houston.

Chef Patricia has also traveled to South America to study Peruvian Cuisine. Currently she has traveled to Lagos, Nigeria to share her experience and teach culinary arts at the Culinary Academy. Grateful to finally experience what it is like to be in Africa, She is delighted to be a part of the Culture that Lagos has to offer.