Benedict Amevor

Chef Instructor


Chef instructor 

Benedict Amevor was born and raised in Lome,Togo. He has the opportunity to see himself grow and fulfill his passion and his dream of becoming not only a Chef but an excellent chef.

He has always been gifted for the culinary art, which he has perfected by being trained as a chef and crowned with a diploma of CAP. He had several internships and worked in the best renowned restaurants in Togo including Alt Munchen, Le Malesan, Corinthia Hotel 2 Fevrier, which has become Radison Blu. In addition to his work as a chef, he works in the field of humanism and volunteering by assisting abandoned children and orphans in partnership with various associations. Alongside with his martial arts higher degree, he taught martial arts to security agents and Military. He taught children and youths self-defense to fight against child abduction.

He puts a lot of energy, refinement and enthusiasm into his work. He is imaginative, smart, and qualified. He has always been efficient, professional, and a fantastic team leader.

As an extremely personable individual with a keen eye for organization, he has traveled to Lagos to share his experience and teach culinary art at the culinary academy.

Benedict Amevor is always humble, positive, kind and does not let the behavior of others destroy his inner PEACE.