One Week Mixology Class


Join us at the Culinary academy for libations and fine dining cocktails class. Taught by world class professionals that teach the secrets of top bartenders in the industry. Learn the classic martini with a touch of zobo down to a screwdriver with a rim of garri. You will never look at a cocktail menu the same way again.

The Cost of the class is N60,000 per person

Please find below the training schedule

Day 1: Theory/ Alcohol safety/Types of Liquor/ Syrups/Bitters/Mixology Equipment &

Utensils/Glassware Identification.

Day 2: Garnishes/fruits/Herbs/Bitters

Day 3: Mocktails/Specialty Drinks/Smoothies/Blending Basics

Day 4. Alcoholic Cocktails/Speed Mixing

Day 5 Tests