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Taste of The Far East - Sushi Class: 6th March 2015

Sushi Plater with
Vegetable Rolls
Salmon Nigiri
Prawn Tempura
Served with Soy dipping Sauce
Chicken Chow - Mein
Mango Lassi Yoghurt

Girls Night Out Cooking Class - 27th February 2015

Tian of Tomato, Feta & Potato Salad
Grilled Line Fish with Roasted Vegetables & Glazed Noodles
Tarte au Tartin (Apples)

Chef Re-Training: Menu Planning, Food Presentation & Entertaining - 20th February 2015

Plantain & Mackerel Tower
Potato and Leek Soup 
Fish -En Papillote
Veggie couscous

Chef Re-Training: Basic and advanced cooking techniques day 2 - 19th February 2015

French bread - straight dough method
Ciabatta - sponge method 
Baguette - polish starter
Basic yeast starter (biga)
Rye starter cake
Vanilla sponge cake

Chef Re-Training: Basic & Advanced Cooking Techniques - 17 Feb 2015 

Duchess potatoes 
Beef /venison jus. Brown stock (espagnole) 
White chicken stock 
Pot roast of goat 
Pan fried chicken
Kentucky fried chicken 
Grilled vegetables: carrots and courgettes 
Roast chicken 

Chef Re-Training: Accompaniments & Side Dishes - 24th October 2014

Veggie Couscous
Ekusu (Steamed Corn Pudding)
Pan Seared Croaker
Corn & Tomato Salad
Beans Cassoulet

Chef Re-Training: Garde Manger 2 - 23rd October 2014

Savoury Toast cups filled with Sauteed Vegetables
Asian Beef Salad Spoons
Savoury Herb and Cheddar Cake
Suya Chicken Lollipop
Tomatoe Mousse

Chef Re-Training: Entertaining and Garde Manger 1 - 22nd October 2014

Spiralized Vegetable Salads
Roasted sweet Potato Salad
Rossete Potatoes
Yuca Buns
Pineapple Jelly
Grilled / Caramelized Pineapples

Chef Re-Training: Advanced Cooking Techniques (Day 2) - 16th October 2014

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings
Ubobok Ukom (Plaintain Pottage)
Tomato & Basil Chicken
Carrots (Orange glazed)

Chef Re-Training: Advanced Cooking Techniques (Day 1) - 15th October 2014

Caramelized Onions, Poached Eggs and Blanched Spinach
Deep Fried Lentil cakes
Chicken Schnitzel
Eti Odo Soup

Chef Re-Training: Healthy Cooking & Eating Culinary Math - 14th October 2014

Cucumber, Mint & Avocado Soup
Flat Bread

Teens Culinary Experience: Back home and entertaining - 7th August 2014

Mince Pies, Pancakes and Sticky Chicken wings
For those days we have loads of friends over and nothing to eat, students learnt a few snacks to tide them over.

Kids Adventure Camp: All things Sweet Shhh - 7th August 2014

Chocolate Chip cookies, Puff Puff and Cinnamon French toast.
Chocolate chip cookies, very hot and pillowy puff puff and Cinnamon French toasts Yum!

Teens Culinary Experience: ... and now we are in China - 6th August 2014

Chicken and Corn Soup, Fantail Prawns and Steamed Dumplings.
With Chicken and corn Soup, Fantail prawns and steamed dumplings, what better way to say “Hello Asia”

Kids Adventure Camp: Hello Nigeria - 6th August 2014
Beef stew, Jollof Rice and a Salad Bar
Hang up your aprons Mummies, we can now make lunch! Today students learnt how to make the perfect Jollof Rice and Beef stew. They also learnt how to make our very own salad dressing.

Teens Culinary Experience: All Grown up and off to France - 4th August 2014

Duchess Potatoes, Beef Bourguinon and Brownies
A grown up French menu with our feet firmly grounded in our much beloved brownies is our way of saying we'd like to cut off the apron strings but not just yet.

Kids Adventure Camp: Inventing the wheel - 4th August 2014 

Duchess Potatoes, Chicken Strips and Red Velvet Cupcakes
In this class we got rid of Chicken and chips, making way for the fancy stuff and adding a mini dessert.

Teens Culinary Experience: On a sweet note... - 24th July 2014

Dulce Leche Ice cream, Shepherd Pie, Orange Braised Vegetables
This last class in summer camp would end on a sweet note, as students would learn to make a caramel swirl ice cream and sweet orange braised vegetables. They would wrap up their cooking class tales in a hearty shepherd pie.

kids Adventure camp: The final Adventure - 24th July 2014

We're sorry to come to the end of camp but we'll celebrate the end with mashed potatoes, Lamb chops and carrot cupcakes.

Teens Culinary Experience: Pardon Moi - Etiquette Class - 23rd July 2014 

Our etiquette class introduced students to setting the table, eating properly, good table manners and using the appropriate crockery, flat and stem-ware.

Kids Adventure Camp: Pardon moi - Etiquette Class - 23rd July 2014 

Our etiquette class introduced the kids to setting the table, good table manners and using the appropriate crockery, flat and stemware.

Teens Culinary Experience: Motherland class - 21st July 2014 

Yam Pottage, Efo Riro, Fish Stew
Students deepen their knowledge of Nigerian cuisine with these foods that do not represent everyday cooking but are great to add to their cooking skills.

Kids Adventure Camp: Nice and Naughty - 21st July 2014 

Braised Vegetables, Macaroni & Cheese, Banana ice cream
We ate our veggies but you let us have our Mac and cheese and then we had a yummy banana ice cream.

Teens Culinary Experience: It's a cook-over then sleepover - 17th July 2014

Pepperoni Pizza, 2 Whole Grilled Chickens, Vanilla Sponge Cake
The perfect meals to make on sleepover night. Students learnt to get their hands floured up, roll out dough and bake pizza. Students also grilled whole chicken in barbe-cue and mixed spice flavors then they baked and decorated a vanilla sponge cake. All perfect for the sleepover munchies.

Kids Adventure Camp: Dolce Vita - 17th July 2014

Pizza, Spaghetti Bolognese, caramelized apple
Every night is Pizza Night except when its Pasta night and we were good today and had some caramelized apple.

Teens Culinary Experience: Let’s meet for lunch - 16th July 2014

Chicken Noodle Soup, Lasagna, Caramelized Fruits
Today we taught a full three-course meal with chicken noodle soup as an appetizer, then we went to Italy for Lasagna and finished it off with cinnamon caramelized pineapple and whipped cream. Yum!

Kids Adventure Camp: Meat Fiesta - 16th July 2014
Whole Roast Chicken, Meatballs, Cupcakes 
Who doesn't like roast chicken? Students learnt how to roast a whole chicken with different types of seasoning, make Meatballs and then we baked yummy cupcakes.

Teens Culinary Experience: Lagos Party Time - 14th July 2014 

MoinMoin, Beef Stew, Moist Chocolate cake covered with a chocolate ganache.
No Lagos Party is complete without moinmoin, beef stew and a decadent dessert. As a further introduction to cooking Nigerian food, students were taught steaming techniques by making moinmoin in traditional Nigerian leaves, and a delicious beef stew. For desert, students learn't how to bake a moist chocolate cake smothered with chocolate ganache.

Kids Adventure Camp: More Snacks - Monday 14th July 2014

Corn & Chicken soup, Chicken satay with Peanut sauce, Brownies
… and then there are those days we just want to have a light meal, so today we had soup and chicken kebabs with a healthy peanut sauce but sorry we still had our chewy brownies so we made those too.

Teens Culinary Experience:  Swirls and Twirls -  3rd July 2014 

Deviled Eggs, Duchess Potatoes, Berry Pavlova
This class was all about piping techniques, students were taught to work with piping bags and different tips while learning how to fill deviled eggs, dainty duchess potatoes and a meringue nest for berry pavlova.

Teens Culinary Experience: What's for breakfast? - 2nd July 2014

Bacon and sautéed onion Quiche, Cheesy Omelets, Akara, Fruit tart
We love having a spread of variety foods for breakfast and this class spanned across different cuisine. No breakfast memory is complete without Saturday morning Akara breakfast or Sunday morning omelets.

Teens Culinary Experience: iRep Naija - 30th June 2014

Jollof Rice, Deconstructed Vegetable Salad, Salad dressings, Puff Puff.
In our iRep Naija class, we taught students how to make Jollof rice. In addition, a fun build your own salad workshop was held where students were able to build their own salad incorporating and learning about produce that taste better when combined. Students also learnt how to make 2 different types of salad dressing and what is a Nigerian menu without puff puff?

Teens Culinary Experience: Hot soup! - 26th June 2014

Egusi Soup, Ogbono Soup, Pepper soup.
You asked and we delivered, mothers always want their children to learn traditional Nigerian soups and in this class we taught Egusi Soup, Ogbono Soup and Pepper soup. Students also learnt how to turn out the perfect accompanying Pounded Yam.

Teens Culinary Experience: Oriental Express - 25th June 2014 

Knife Skills
Stir Fried Chicken and Vegetables with Egg Noodles
In this class, Students were taught knife skills, different types of knives, uses and care for knives. They learnt the names of different kind of cuts. They went on to de-bone chicken and make a classic Chinese stir-fry with the chicken and vegetables.

Teens Culinary Experience: Welcome To My Kitchen - 23rd June 2014

Market Excursion
Product & tools Identification
Kitchen Rules & Safety
Food Hygiene
In this class students were introduced to everyday kitchen tools and ingredients. They were also introduced to the Kitchen, working safely, food hygiene. This class was concluded with an excursion trip to a Farmer’s market and a grocery store.

The Refined Palate: 7th June 2014

Hors d'oeuvres: Cheese and Cracker Platter Paired with Cocktails
Starter: Breads, Dips and Spreads Paired with Sparkling Wine
Fish course: Prawns En Papillote Paired with White Wine
Entree: Pork Medallion with Cheesy Semovita Paired with Red Wine
Dessert: Poached Pears
Digestif: Ginger Cookies, Baileys

Food Lovers Day in the Kitchen: 31st May 2014

Starter: Roast Bell pepper and Tomato with Vodka Soup
Entree: Seasonal Pan Seared Fish with Saffron Couscous
Dessert: Mango Crostata with Whipped Cream

Fit and Fabulous: 24th May 2014

Starter: Tomato Mousse with Kale Salad
Entree: Chicken Breast Stuffed with Vegetables and Lentils
Dessert: No cream Banana Ice Cream

Food Lovers Day in the Kitchen18th May 2014

Starter: Roast Bell Pepper and Tomato Vodka Soup
Entree: Seasonal Pan Seared Fish with Saffron Couscous
Dessert: Mango Crostata with whipped cream

Food Lovers Day in the Kitchen: 8th May 2014

Moin Moin in traditional leaves
Jollof Rice
Curry Chicken
Orange Glazed Vegetables
En-papillote Fish

Advanced Cooking Techniques 1 & 2  24th - 25th April 2014 

This was a 2 day hands on advanced cooking techniques course with the objective to learn advanced principles of cooking, cooking terminology, different heat transfer methods and explore creativity with food.

Healthy Cooking and Eating: 23rd April 2014

Objective: To understand the elements of Nutrition and contemporary theories and practices of healthy cooking and eating.

Culinary Math: 23rd April 2014

Objective: To learn basic culinary mathematical skills, converting, adapting recipes, portion control both in cooking and serving - an essential component of healthy and cost effective cooking.