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                 Appetizers. Salads. Soups.


Smoked Fish

Capsicum. Capers. Honey. Herb Vinaigrette. Garden Greens. N4800


Prawn Tempura

Sriracha. Mango Purée. Scallions. Sesame Seeds. N4800


Pickled Onions. Olives. Celery. Plateau Tomatoes. Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette. N4000 (V)

Plantain Croquettes

Red Peppers. Ginger. Tomatoes. African Basil. Onion Crinkle. N4000 (S. V.)

Princewill’s Beetroot Soup

(African Young Chefs’ Competition 2017 Winner)

Chicken. Carrots. Potatoes. Parsley. Dill. N4500


Pumpkin Soup

Toasted Pumpkin seeds. Celery. Carrots. Smoked Paprika. N4000 (V)






Gohan & Potato Ball. Carrot Purée. Orange Glaze. Smoked Paprika. N7500


Prime Steak

Jollof Risotto. Parmesan Crisp.  Sautéed Wild Mushrooms. Basil Oil. N10000


Braised Goat Knuckle

Yam Purée. Melon Velouté. Sautéed Pumpkin Leaves. Onion Crinkle. Roasted Scotch Bonnet. N9500

Atlantic Catch

Tomato Velouté. Bell Peppers. Coriander. Green Chilies. Onions. Sweet Potato.N8500


Tagliatelle. Mushroom Béchamel. Parmesan. Garlic Butter. (V) N6000




Mango Pana Cotta

Hibiscus Reduction. Cassava Biscuits. Mint. N4000

Chocolate Soufflé.

Amaretto. White Chocolate. Red Currants. N5000

Malva Pudding

Creme Anglaise. Candied Ginger. N4000

Vanilla Ice Cream

Topping Options: Zobo. Dark Chocolate. Salted Caramel. Nuts. N2800

Cheese Board

Trio of Blue Stilton. Brie. Medium Mature Cheddar. Date Preserve. N6500



Alcoholic Cocktails


Take Me Home

Vodka. Gin. Rum. Mint. Orange Juice. Bitters. Syrup. N3200


Don't Stop

Tequila. Rum. Cucumber. Sprite. Lime Basil. N3200


Sexy Lips

Whisky. Bitter Lemon. Apple Juice. N3200


First Kiss

Vodka. Cranberry Juice. Almond Syrup. Lemon N3200


Warm Embrace

Brandy. Peach. Red Pepper. Orange Juice. Bitters    N3200


Gold Rush

Tequila, Ginger Beer. Elder Flower N3200


Good Old Gin & Tonic N2800


Non Alcoholic Cocktails


Apple Spritzer

Apple Juice. Mint. Sprite. Lemon Juice. N1700


Smooth Move

Smoove. Orange Juice. Bitter Lemon N1700


Orange Sun

Orange Juice. Tonic Water. Grenadine. N1700



Soft Drinks N500


Orange Juice N1500


Apple Juice N1500


Pineapple Juice N1500


Cranberry Juice N1500


Still Water N500


Large Still Water N750


Sparkling Water N1000


Tea N1000


Coffee N1500



*Please inform your server of any allergies

*a 5% vat, 5% Consumption Tax and 10% service charge would be added to your bill

*   all our courses can be excellently paired with wine, kindly ask your server for recommendations.


(s) = Spicy

(V) = Good for Vegetarians