Changing How We Eat
The Academy

The Culinary Academy offers cooking classes that range from a Professional Chef Diploma in Culinary & Pastry Arts to certificate courses in Cookery. Children enjoy summer camp classes and food enthusiasts can take a one week cooking class. We host team building cooking classes, waiter training and one on one classes too! With any of our classes, we change how you would perceive food, cooking and eating.

Changing What We Eat

Culinary Academy has the finest and most exclusive dining space that serves as a hands on training facility for the students who are engaged by very experienced chefs. Our Award winning dining style offers a relaxed setting where you enjoy menus curated by our Chef Patron Tiyan Alile and Executive Chef Paul Pieterse. With our carefully designed menu using the most modern and traditional techniques and freshest ingredients we change what you eat.

Changing Where We Eat
Culinary Consultation

Because we are passionate about the quality of the hospitality industry, we offer a full range of consulting services for restaurant concept, set up, equipment purchase, menu engineering, back and front of house training, operation and management. We have trained several back and front of house staff who are currently placed in diverse restaurants. Our consulting services have been instrumental in the set up and operations of several restaurants.

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