The future of the fast growing hospitality service industry in Nigeria is looking very bright as the Culinary Academy is poised to make the necessary changes needed to provide skilled labour. Speaking at the recently concluded private investors forum at the Moorhouse, Ikoyi, the Founder of the Culinary Academy, Ms. Tiyan Alile stated that a large number of unemployed youth have the ability to acquire skilled labour to service the fast growing hospitality industry with the help of the Culinary Academy. 

The forum offered high net worth individuals from both the financial sector and the hospitality industry the opportunity to mingle and network in order to discuss pertinent issues related to investing in hospitality education. At the forum it was acknowledged that the hospitality industry is the fastest growing industry in Nigeria and to keep up with this growth the need for skilled labour is in high demand. Ms. Alile pointed out that The Culinary Academy not only trains professional chefs and waiters, it also has recreational classes that are designed to help develop and nurture the skills of both adults and children who have a passion for cooking. 

The chairman of the school Olorogun O'tega Emerhor further explained the huge potential in a school that would service both the private and public sectors of the hospitality industry, describing it as "the future of good investments in Nigeria". Ms. Alile stated that since the inception of the school it has been able to double the capacity of skilled labour which have been trained and she highlighted its long term plans to train hundreds with the help of top leading international culinary institutes. 

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