Tiyan Alile
Chef Instructor and Creative Director

My Super Power is attention to detail

I am changing the Culinary Landscape in Africa by deliberately influencing what we eat, how we eat and where we eat.

Food is the best thing that can happen to us..
Chef Paul Pieterse

My Super Power is being me

I am changing the way I think...creativity is intelligence having fun

Food is delicious, so stop making me fat.
Gift Owonte
Chef Instructor

My Super Power is putting my heart in all I do

I am changing the world from my little corner

Food is to be eaten.
Chef Dozie Chiezukwa
Assistant Chef

My Super Power is LOVE!

I am changing my looks

Food is love.
Abigail Alugbi

My Super Power is cooking

I am changing my style of cooking to stand out and make a work of art

Food is lit!.
Stanley Odey

My Super Power is attention, my smile and good knowledge of teamwork

I am changing my behavior

Food is life.
Kitan Numa
Bookings and Social Media Manager

My Super Power is my passion

I am changing half of my "goals" to "done that"...one at a time

Food is major key

Best Regards,
A Foodie with a Sweet Tooth..
Rasheed Salisu

My Super Power is is my smile

I am changing  

Food is love.

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